AC Repair Santa Clarita

Here in Santa Clarita, we depend on our air conditioning and heating system to keep our homes comfortable all year long. Not only does heating and cooling represent the biggest part of your utility bill, but also our warmer weather means that our air conditioners are running most of the year. We can handle all of your air conditioning repair needs and maintenance or installation. When it comes to AC repair in Santa Clarita homeowners and businesses count on the pros at Pacific Coast for reliable, around the clock 24 Hour service.

How soon can you come repair my air conditioner at my home?

We understand that when your air conditioner or heater isn’t working properly in Santa Clarita, you want help—fast. Pacific Coast is available anytime, day or night, to make emergency repairs. Just give us a call at (661) 282-2169, and we will quickly take care of whatever problem you are having.

What AC & heating services does Pacific Coast offer?

Pacific Coast is a licensed, full-service air conditioning and heating provider. We stand by our work and perform background checks and drug testing on all of our employees so that you can feel comfortable having our technicians work in your home.

Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can perform:


We can repair any make, model or brand of air conditioner or heater. Our specialists are local to Santa Clarita and can quickly diagnose any problems you are experiencing and make recommendations for any needed repairs. We can also advise you on whether replacement is a better option than making costly repairs to an inefficient or older unit.


Our technicians are ready to assist you with fixing your broken Heater, our Heater Repair Technicians are trained and certified in fixing all brands  of Heating systems. Over 90% of all repairs can be taken care of on our first visit to your home. If the Gas Company has red tagged your furnace due to a broken heat exchanger call us we can give you a second opinion with a camera or by taking apart your heater to verify there truly is a crack or break in your firebox.


If you are doing research to determine which type of air conditioner or heater would work best for your home or business, we are happy to help by giving you a free, no-obligation estimate on replacement or installation service. Our Comfort Specialists base their custom estimates on the size of your home and the configuration of your duct system, in addition to other factors, as well as features that are important to you.


The key to prolonging the life of your system and avoiding costly repairs is performing routine maintenance. That’s why we offer our  Tune-ups are highly recommended, which includes your standard 1 inch air filter and we also run diagnostic tests and tune-up service on your system.


There are small changes you can make to home or business in Santa Clarita which can have a significant impact on energy efficiency. You can lower your utility bills by adding insulation to your attic, ensuring your ductwork is installed and sized correctly, applying solar film to your windows and improving your indoor air quality. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate and identify rebates and other incentives you might qualify for to lower your costs.


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