Expert Heater Repair in Oxnard , CA

Need Heater Repair in Oxnard ? When temperatures drop, you rely on your heating system to keep your home cozy and warm. Unfortunately, from a new furnace to an aged heat pump, no heating system is immune to repairs. Don’t let your heating system leave you frozen this winter. The Heating Repair Experts at Pacific Coast have you covered when you require furnace repair in Oxnard .

When your furnace won’t switch on, we’ve discovered you can occasionally take care of small problems yourself. Follow our simple troubleshooting guide before giving us a call at (805) 551-0949.


A Few things to Check Before Calling

  • Thermostat settings. Make sure it’s switched to “heat.” Otherwise the thermostat won’t alert your furnace to run.
  • Furnace filter. A clogged filter can cause your furnace to overheat and turn off as a safeguard. It can also block it from creating and spreading heat.
  • Circuit breaker. Your furnace’s breaker may have tripped. Identify it on your home’s electrical panel. Reset it if the breaker is in the middle or “off” position.
  • Furnace switch. Your furnace has a switch on or near it that appears to be a common light switch. It should be in the “up” or “on” position. If it was turned off, give your furnace a few minutes (3-5) to resume normal operation.
If your furnace still isn’t running properly, contact us at (805) 551-0949 or schedule an appointment online. We’re happy to help through the process of getting your heater up and running.

Need Heater Repair in Oxnard ? Act Fast!

If your system has gone awry, it’s crucial you don’t ignore the issue at hand. The longer you delay the need for a heating repair, the more likely even the smallest problem will escalate into a major catastrophe.

To catch and address a problem early, keep an eye on your system for these and other warning signs that repair of your heater is necessary:

  • Your energy bills skyrocketed.
  • Some rooms in your home are too hot, while others are too cold.
  • Your furnace is making loud noises.
  • Your home isn’t maintaining the set temperature.
  • Your system is delivering cool air.
  • There is an increase of dry air and dust emerging around your home.

Our Approach to Getting your Heater Repaired

We offer 24-hour, 7-day emergency repair on all makes and models of furnacesheat pumps, or thermostats. When Pacific Coast arrives for a service call, we sit you down and walk through the issue with your furnace, heat pump or thermostat problem. Education is our top concern, and we provide the best options for you and your family based on this assessment. Our technicians are local to Oxnard, which allows us to provide prompt and reliable repair for your broken down heater.


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